The Infrastructure


A full fledged library with books, journals, CDs and Magazines kindle the students to attain additional knowledge and to learn more in their fields of interests. A place to acquire knowledge and rationalizing capacity.


The school has well equipped laboratories to meet the challenges of modern science and technology.

Computer Lab

We have a sophisticated computer centre equipped with machines of latest configurations and multimedia facility to teach computer education from std I to std XII.

Physical Education

Apart from bookish knowledge, importance is given to games and sports. The existence of excellent physical education teachers, the latest sports equipments from indoor and outdoor sports, the play courts for volley ball, food ball, flying disc and badminton provide ample opportunities for the students to excel in sports at school, zonal, district and state level competitions.

Health Care

Health care is of prime importance in SRK. With a clean and hygienic environment SRK strongly believes that “Education and environment are mirror images”. Periodical health check ups are conducted. Health insurance for all the children is compulsory.


The schools is playing a fleet of buses and vans, which are made available to the students and staff members for commuting from various points in Salem city and the suburbs.

Co-curricular & Extra Curricular Activities

Our Endeavour is to empower our students to look beyond books and to stretch it beyond syllabus. The students are made to realize their potential for self development so as to become better person in terms of physical, emotional, aesthetic and moral characters. As a part of the personality development they are encouraged to partake in the following co-curricular and extra curricular activities

Talent Search Examinations

To face the competitive world after schools, we train and encourage our students while in schools to appear for international and state level Olympiads, Govt. scholarship exam and other talent search exams. This helps their transformation from learning to reality.

Young Scientist Award

To throw more light into the heuristic way of learning, the schools provides unimaginable support in guiding the students to do interesting science projects. The student with the best science project is awarded gets the prestigious “Young Scientist Award” from the hands of an eminent personality in the field of science, every year.

Teaching Staff

“Good teachers make the best of pupil’s means
Great teachers foresee a pupil’s ends”.

True to the saying SRK has best team of experienced PG teachers of sound subject expertise and whom themselves are directors of the schools thus ensuring their continued dedication to the students education.

Test & Examinations

In order to encourage and involve the students to attain excellence, performance assessment is made by conducting weekly, monthly and cycle tests, term and model exams.

SRK is committed to provide quality education to the students enabling them to excel in tall fields by adopting all modern and innovative methods in the learning process thus enhancing competence of the children to very high state level performances…

How to apply?

Application forms along with prospectus can be had from the school office between 9:00 am to 05:00 pm. The filled in application form should be accompanied by an attested photocopy of the birth and Transfer certificates. All the correspondence relation to the admission and enquiries are to be addressed to the Principal.

The groups offered for the higher secondary course are

Selection Procedure

The selection of candidates is strictly based on merit.

“Deserving candidates will certainly find a place here”