SRK: Caliber Expo 2018

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In SRK Matric. Higher Secondary Schools, Kandhampatty, Salem-5. arrangements had been made for various competitions for all children in the name of Calibre Expo 2018. There were 21 different competitions held to bring out the hidden talents in Children. Many students participated and 180 children won prizes. Prize distribution to the winners was conducted under the Presidentship of SRK Chairman Mr.V.Radhakrishnan on 07.09.2018. (Friday) Dr.Ajay Venkatesh and Dr.Lalitha Ajay working in Salem Vinayaka Missions Medical College participated in the function and distributed the prizes to the children. They praised the service of SRK in bringing out the talents of young children. The Chairman of SRK insisted that it should be the duty of all to encourage the talents of the children to fit in modern world. He also told that SRK would take steps to develop the talents of students in a scientific way.

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10:00 am


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5:00 pm