Chairman's Message

This is from a personality who always wishes to be versatile to explore various fields. After having acquired academic qualification and technical qualification I started working in fields like Education, Industry, Management etc., but there was always a longing urge and desire to achieve something best in the field of education.

This is an era of great changes. A great evolution has taken place in the field of education. A student today has all potentials. We need to recognize, appreciate, encourage and foster the fine blend of sensibilities in him. With this, the vision inside me wanted to start a school which can inculcate ethics with value based education to make the young leaders of future. That is SRK.

Here we promote the academic, artistic, moral character as well as leadership qualities to pursue the best in their career and lives and also to play effective roles in their families and communities.

We all do our work sincerely with complete dedication and involvement to achieve. For the past several years in SRK, students have been awarded District and State ranks which will continue in the coming years. I congratulate and appreciate our students, teachers and all the staff for their hard work and duty mindedness in breathing ever glowing life in SRK!