The School

Mr.V.Radhakrishnan, the driving force and a Visionary behind the inception of SRK Global School established the school with a belief of empowering every child with education, vision and knowledge to face and succeed in the challenges of life. He aims to build physically and emotionally fit individuals who never feel defeated by any circumstances that rise in life.


At SRK Global School, we believe

  • In ingraining within every child integrity, compassion for the community and responsibility to give back as much or more than what one receives, through education.
  • In the process of building holistic and robust personalities ready to step into adulthood with poise and graspa greater opportunity to make their life’s dreams come true.

SRK Global School (CBSE)

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SRK Global School (CBSE)

Membala Nagar, Kandhampatty [E],

Thirivagoundanur, Salem-636005.