This is from a personality who always wishes to be versatile to explore various fields. After having acquired academic qualification and technical qualification I started working in fields like Education, Industry, Management etc., but there was always a longing urge and desire to achieve something best in the field of education.

This is an era of great changes. A great evolution has taken place in the field of education. A student today has all potentials. We need to recognize, appreciate, encourage and foster the fine blend of sensibilities in him. With this, the vision inside me wanted to start a school which can inculcate ethics with value based education to make the young leaders of future. That is SRK.

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SRK Edu-Fair 2019 (Comprising Book & Science Exhibition)
SRK Edu-Fair 2019 (Comprising Book & Science Exhibition)
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SRK-A2 Function (Achievers Award & Annual Day) 2019
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SRK: Achievements 2019
SRK Student Winning Gold Medal
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Achievements 2018
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SRK-A2 Function 2016
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